Open Knowledge in Agricultural Development – calling all contributors

Knowledge sharing and progress go hand in hand. By building a ‘knowledge community’ experts in the field of agriculture are better able to focus on the bigger picture and challenges at large.  With that in mind, what can you share on OKAD?

If you follow us on AIMS then you’ll know that the Open Knowledge In Agricultural Development channel (OKAD), which appears on scientific publication platform F1000Research, is open for submissions on a range of topics related to agricultural development.  

Open Knowledge initiatives in agriculture are aimed at breaking down some of the barriers – technical, cultural, financial and legal, that exist in accessing agricultural information.  

These initiatives champion free and unrestricted access to data, software and learning materials. They pledge to speed-up agricultural development and to reduce world poverty and hunger. And they are focused on improving food security in less economically developed countries.

OKAD is an open access collection of articles and a platform for authors to share their original research findings, data, and opinions related to Open Knowledge initiatives in all areas of agriculture.  

Once you’ve contributed an article to OKAD your peers are able to comment and you can revise your work along the way.

So if you have something to say about any area of agriculture, agri-food and biodiversity, why not expand your knowledge and share it with OKAD?  

What to submit

Open indefinitely for submissions, OKAD welcomes articles on a wide scope of subjects, including, but not limited to:

  • E-infrastructure for agricultural development
  • Publishing and communicating scientific knowledge
  • Open access, open data and open educational resources
  • Dissemination, metrics and impact assessment
  • Development of open source software, applications and platforms
  • Policy and socio-economic issues
  • Non-digital open knowledge initiatives

Click here to submit to OKAD