Organise your own Open Science Cafe & FOSTER Open Science!

One of the main blockades for the actual shift to Open Science is that most people, even within the Open Science community, operate in separate silos.

In order to overcome this, we need other formats than presentations and panels.

Open Science Cafes do have the potential to connect different stakeholders, as they facilitate listening and sharing thoughts. In short, Open Science Cafes consist of roundtable conversations that are ignited by statements on a set of cards. You can use the cards in different ways.

This FOSTER online manual (also downloadable as pdfdescribes the format that was used at the Open Science Fair in Athens in September 2017.

Involved projects

The Open Science Cafe is an initiative by LIBER, co-organised by the following projects, all funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme:

More information and inspiration

The blogpost The Open Science Cafe at the Open Science Fair shows the result of that particular Open Science Cafe. Would you like to know more or share your experience or outcomes? Please send a tweet to @LIBEReurope.