Presentations from the Interest Group for Agricultural Development (IGAD) pre meeting and RDA P7 to be published on Open Knowledge Agricultural Data (OKAD)

If you caught our last IGAD post, you’ll know that the Group is gearing up for its next pre-meeting, set to take place in Tokyo before the RDA Plenary 7 at the beginning of March  

IGAD is one of many interest groups operating under the Research Data Alliance (RDA), a global data sharing initiative. Part of IGAD’s job is to look at data management issues in global agriculture and enable working groups to fine-tune specific solutions to challenges in different areas. The forthcoming pre-meeting will be a chance to see how IGAD is evolving, as well as tackle some major issues in agricultural data inoperability (special focus: rice research data.) Its findings will be discussed at the RDA P7.

We’re happy to announce that slides and presentations from both the IGAD pre-meet and subsequent RDA P7 will be published on OKAD. It’s a major contribution to the platform and we invite you to post your presentations, here.  Shortly after posting, presentations will get a citation and a DOI link, as well as display metrics about views and downloads.  They’ll be filterable for conference and meetings too.

We flagged up OKAD in another blog post. It’s a community-led platform for publishing articles, posters and slides on open data and education initiatives in agriculture, (including agri-food and agri-biodiversity) and an invaluable resource for anyone working in agricultural data.

It appears on open science publishing platform F1000Research.

We look forward to seeing IGAD pre-meeting and RDA P7 presentations on there soon!