Recorded Webinar on ‘Sharing Knowledge on Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) through TAPipedia

(Image source: FAO of the UN)

If you missed the webinar on ‘Sharing Knowledge on Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) through TAPipedia’ , you can watch the recordingYou can find the presentation slides here.

The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP*), hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in collaboration with GFAR, delivered a webinar to:

  • present TAPipedia, - a global information system to enhance knowledge sharing in support of developing capacities for Agricultural Innovation System (AIS) resources and to
  • get acquainted with similar knowledge from other sources, partners and regions.

TAPidepia is established with support of the EU-funded project Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation System (CDAIS).

This GFAR-hosted webinar was a typical example of how GFAR Collective Actions are put into practice, and where GFAR acts as a mediator between different organisations with common interests, presenting their work, for our common goals.

The main purpose of this webinar is to raise awareness of the role of TAPipedia in disseminating innovative and systemic approaches for CD.

The webinar includes an introduction of the TAPipedia portal, a real-time demonstration, a presention the trainer’s manual and a testimony of a TAPipedia user.

* TAP is an active partner in GFAR’s efforts in fostering collective actions to improve capacity in agri-food research and innovation.