Role of citation, peer-review and Intellectual Property Rights discussed by 'Global Biodiversity Information Facility '

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) promotes and facilitates, through a global network of countries and organizations, the mobilization, access, discovery and use of information about the occurrence of organisms over time and across the planet.

GBIF recently published an interesting article in which the role of citation, peer-review and Intellectual Property Rights are discussed in the context of biodiversity data publishing:

Mark Costello, William K Michener, Mark Gahegan, Zhi-Qiang Zhang, Phil Bourne and Vishwas Chavan, Quality assurance and Intellectual Property Rights in advancing biodiversity data publication (GBIF, 2012)

Global Biodiversity Information Facility & its Online Resource Centre

GBIF was established by governments in 2001 to encourage free and open access to biodiversity data, via the Internet. In the GBIF data portal you can find about species, countries, data publishers, data seta or data networka. It contains:

  • 388,680,911 indexed records
  • 10,067 datasets
  • 422 publishers

The GBIF Online Resource Centre is an online service that provides easy access to documents, best practices, tools and links related to GBIF and its work.