Second Review Meeting of the SemaGrow Project

The 2nd Review Meeting took place in Luxemburg on Friday, the 12th Dec 2014 between the European Commission and the SemaGrow Consortium. Its aim was to present the status of the development of the SemaGrow project to European Commission reviewers and to get feedback. Representing FAO, Fabrizio Celli presented the current deployment status of the FAO demonstrator as well as the development plan for 2015.

The overall feedback from the reviewers was very good as the project is on time and moves into the right direction. Thus, FAO’s plans for the next year were agreed on. Main follow-up steps include inter alia the population of a big database (triple store), the implementation of new widgets in the AGRIS Web site and the organization of another pilot event i.e. in form of a hackathon or a something similar. This event will give professional Web programmers the opportunity to provide feedback and participate in the creation of new demonstrative widgets for AGRIS.

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