Skyping with Iryna Kuchma (eIFL)

Date: 10th March 2011

Attendants: Imma Subirats & Iryna Kuchma

Objective: to discuss possible lines of cooperation between OEKCS and eIFL with regard to open acces activities


1.) Iryna Kuchma presented the project Open Repository Handbook carried out by eIFL and the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) .  The Open Repository Handbook should be an online document with practical information on how to put in place a document repository and develop open access policies. Iryna's proposal is OEKCS collaborating in the preparation of the document. For that Iryna will discuss further with KIT this line of collaboration and provide a specific proposal by April.

2.) Iryna Kuchma shared the idea of setting up a Directory of Open Access Specialists in developing countries with the objective to know people in the field that might contribute in capacity building activities. Imma Subirats proposed the collaboration with CIEPI though EXIT Directory of Experts in Information Science as the easiest approach adding any other additional field that eIFL would required for the description of the persons. On the other hand EXIT would translate the site into French (now it is only accessible in English and Spanish), to add new members to the editorial committee (now it is too focused to Spain and Latin America), while eIFL would make a contribution in the dissemination and promotion of EXIT in the Open Access context. Iryna will provide input about this in April

3.) Iryna Kuchma suggested to publish short studies in Agriculture and related sciences in the eiFL network. Imma Subirats introduced the CIARD Network with special regard to and from where eiFL could take information.

4.) Iryna Kuchma proposed to have a monthly skype conference in order to assure that the activities in OEKCS and eiFL are shared and to maintain a high level cooperation.