Today the 1st IODE-FAO Workshop on AgriOcean DSpace takes place

The 1st IODE-FAO Workshop on AgriOcean DSpace takes place today in Oostende, Belgium.

Topics under discussion

  • AgriOcean Dspace: Developments
  • Support AgriOcean Dspace: AIMS – and OceanTeacher
  • Related projects:
    • IODE: POD , Afrilib, OceanExpert
    • FAO: Agris, Linked Open Data
  • Further developments

AGRIS and Linked Open Data

After a general introduction focussing on the goals of AgriOcean Dspace, the sytem will be demonstrated. Special attention will be further paid to: the technical feautures in development; ways to support Agriocean DSpace on AIMS and in OceanTeacher, and the related projects of as well IODE as FAO. Regarding this last topic members of the AIMS team will talk about the possibilities of AgriOcean Dspace for the AGRIS community and will explain the benefits of the Linked Open Data initiative.

For more information, visit the AgriOcean DSpace section on AIMS.

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