Unlocking the Potential of BLOCKCHAIN for AGRICULTURE (recorded GODAN webinar)

Below you will find the recording of the GODAN webinar on Unlocking the Potentialof BLOCKCHAIN for AGRICULTURE


BLOCKCHAIN is a distributed technology allowing users to transfer digital assets (e.g. data) without intermediaries. The transaction is recorded in a digital ledger (or distributed ledger technology or DLT) shared among the users taking part in that deal. There is no central administrator or centralized data storage. Such a ledger keeps transparent/open views (e.g. data owner) on each transaction, which would define a concrete block within the entire chain.

The FAO of the UN AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus defines BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY as follows: 

"An information technology that acts as a shared ledger for digital storage and tracking of data associated with a product or service, from the raw production stage until it lands in the consumer’s hand in real time".

Since BLOCKCHAIN can be a difficult concept to grasp in a short presentation, for a better experience, we recommend you to:

Considering that a decentralized ledger or DLT can help connect inputs, suppliers, producers and buyers, BLOCKCHAIN has the potential to provide answers to a number of issues in AGRICULTURE, from farmer IDs to smart contracts, from traceability and improving certification, digital payments, insurance, consumer feedback and improved logistics


... share similar principles such as the promotion of transparency, equality in information knowledge and access, as well as the reorganisation of data exchange between a number of parties. 

BLOCKCHAIN can be very useful to help overcome organisational and technological boundaries between entities that want to automate the exchange of data. It provides strong data security and is highly resilient against cyber-attacks. Both these qualities are desirable in open data platforms because they build a foundation of trust in the data.

In this webinar:

will give an overview of BLOCKCHAIN and introduce the possible areas of impact for Agriculture, with some use-cases. The webinar will also highlight capacities which people working with data need, to engage with BLOCKCHAIN.

You can find the Powerpoint slides for the presentation HERE.

To discuss and contribute to the discussion further, join the GODAN Working Group on Capacity Development. This is a community where members promote open data knowledge, increase awareness of ongoing open data initiatives, innovations and good practices. 


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