An update on AGROVOC web services

AGROVOC team takes this opportunity to thank all AGROVOC editors, adopters and users and to inform all interested parties about updated AGROVOC web services.


To date, all challenges connected with updating of AGROVOC web services have been ironed out. This also includes AGROVOC knowledge base (AllegroGraph WebView 4.11, SPARQL EndPoint, updated on 14 April, 2017)  from which data is accessible to machines as Linked Open Data (LOD).

AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus is published by FAO of the UN and edited by the international community of experts. Currently AGROVOC consists of over 32,000 concepts available in 27 languages.

In February 2017, University Tor Vergata (Rome), in particular ART: Artificial Intelligence Research group, took over technical support for AGROVOC open web services software
[for data updated see this 
XML file]

This includes:

This migration improves various capabilities that can be implemented on AGROVOC server to allow third-party systems - to remain synchronized, and worldwide AGROVOC Users - to be updated.

The latest AGROVOC release is present HERE.
Starting from April 2017, AGROVOC content is going to be updated on a monthly basis.

AGROVOC team plans for even better service improvement!

For any inquiry related with AGROVOC, please contact  [email protected]