Joint GEMIM Recommends Inventory of Marine and Aquatic Repositories (IMAR)

During the recently held First Session of the Joint IODE/IAMSLIC Group of Experts on Marine Information Management, on 4th and 5th September 2015 at Rome Italy, the group recommended setting up of a global Inventory of Marine and Aquatic Repositories (IMAR). This will be the first joint project between IODE and IAMSLIC as a result of this new formation.

Meeting Highlights

  • The establishment of the joint IODE/IAMSLIC GE-MIM
  • The websites for IAMSLIC and IODE to be reviewed and updated
  • The need for representation of National Coordinators for Marine Information in under-represented member states
  • A number of cooperative actions between IODE and IAMSLIC were discussed including i) OceanTeacher Global Academy, ii) Pre-IAMSLIC Conference Course in the future meetings, iii) Conference attendance grants.

More recommendations of the group and the action plan for the next intersessional period can be found in the report of the meeting here