La información como objeto social y el entorno bibliotecario


This paper (Information as a social object and the library environment) is a descriptive study that analyses information and projects it as a social object at a specific stage of the development of society. To achieve the aims of the paper some terms have been examined from the specialized database LISA from the last 40 years to employ them as indicators of the changes within the library environment. At the end of the study some conclusions are drawn, that information as social object, throughout time, has required some kind of containers or formats, either tangible or intangible. The formats or containers of information change, but not the meaning of information. Currently, the social environment of librarians is contingent upon the self-called society of information, and the preeminence of information and communication technologies.

Martínez Musiño, Celso La información como objeto social y el entorno bibliotecario. Library and Information Science Critique: Journal of the Sciences of Information Recorded in Documents : Crítica Bibliotecológica: Revista de las Ciencias de Información Documental, 2011, vol. 3, n. 2, pp. 16-28. [Journal article (Print/Paginated)]