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    Muthu Madhan wins the 2013 EPT Award

    The Electronic Publishing Trust for Development (EPT) has co-awarded the 2013 EPT award for individuals in developing countries working for Open Access to Muthu Madhan of the...

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    Google Scholar and DSpace

    Nearly all repository managers aim to offer a discovery and access interface for scientific research. In a recent study, @tmire examined the indexing of repositories by Google Scholar. The use of...

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    DSpace 4.0 Released

    DSpace 4.0 is now available and can be downloaded from the following  locations:- ...

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    Call for papers : 1ST CARLIGH International Conference

    The Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries, Ghana (CARLIGH) is pleased to announce that the 1st International Conference of the Consortium will be held in Accra, Ghana from 14-18  July...

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    The ORBi Experience: University of Liege repository

    The Open Repository and Bibliography (ORBi) repository is celebrated as one of the successful models of Open Access green route where policy frameworks coupled with other institutional support...

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    Open Access Clauses in Publishers' Licences

    The Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR), has announced the availability of a report entitled 'Open Access Clauses in Publishers' Licences: Current State and Lessons Learned'...

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    Drafting an Open Access Policy : some notes

    Many institutions follow-up their commitment to openness by crafting a policy - as a guideline for institutional partners in handling open access related issues. Open Access Policies are either...