Open Data Watch Addresses Data in the Time of Covid-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic raises important questions about opening, sharing and using data, and highlights the challenges associated with data use. To address the ongoing need for data-driven decision making, Open Data Watch, an international, non-profit organization of data experts, has put together some of the most helpful articles they have found, organized by the stages of the data value chain: availability, openness, dissemination, and use and uptake. Open Data Watch plans to update these as new information becomes available. The date of publication is listed beside each article; however, dates are not shown for dashboards and data sources that are dynamically updated.

Find the data here

Open Data Watch is asking if readers are aware of something more to add to contact them directly. 

About Open Data Watch 

Open Data Watch is an international, non-profit organization of data experts working to bring change to organizations that produce and manage official statistical data. We support the efforts of national statistical offices (NSOs), particularly those in low- and middle-income, to improve their data systems and harness the advancements of the data revolution. Through our policy advice, data support, and monitoring work, we influence and help both NSOs and other organizations meet the goals of their national plans and the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Our aim is to make lasting changes to improve the coverage and openness of official statistics. Only with the high-quality and open data will new and ongoing efforts to monitor and achieve the SDGs be successful.

Since its founding in 2013 by three development data specialists, Open Data Watch has established itself as a strong source of expertise working at the intersection of open data and official statistics. As an organization, we have grown quickly and are pleased to have earned the trust and respect of both communities. We have built direct connections to support NSOs as our main clients. We have also established strong partnerships with other groups working towards our shared goals. Intellectual and financial independence is something we carefully maintain as an effective “watchdog” knowledge agency. As we help hold those working in the international development space accountable to their commitments, we also provide the support and knowledge needed to achieve development goals. We produce knowledge materials and share them widely as global public goods to achieve the greatest possible benefits and impacts.

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