AGROVOC October 2019 release

AGROVOC October 2019 release is out!

We have reached a total number of 736,795 terms and 36,525 concepts. Danish and Swahili were added as new languages in SKOSMOS from last month. 

AGROVOC data can be accessed in different ways depending on the user needs. Editors use VocBench3 to edit AGROVOC. AGROVOC human users consult mainly SKOSMOS GUI to search concepts and navigate the hierarchy. Legacy tools still interact with SOAP Web Services.

Automatic tools consult SKOSMOS APIs, URI resolution or SPARQL endpoint. Users having network limitations or specific requirements may prefer to download the entire release and load it in their own tool.

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Photo by Pixabay licensed under CC0 License

AGROVOC has a new SPARQL endpoint, this will overcome the old SPARQL endpoint that could only be used inside another user interface or programme.
The new SPARQL endpoint has its own user interface which allows any user to access two different services:

  • a graphical user interface (GUI) to do SPARQL queries to latest official release of AGROVOC (this allows also to change the SPARQL endpoint receiving the SPARQL queries)
  • the standard SPARQL endpoint that can be used inside other user interfaces or tools to do SPARQL queries to AGROVOC

The old SPARQL endpoint will be accessible until the end of October.

A helpful tip for doing some searches in SKOSMOS: SKOSMOS searches only in concepts having a label starting with the input value. So, if you search for "regis" you will find, for example "registration" and "registered designation of origin", but not "deed registration". If you want to search for all concepts having a label containing such input value, you need to put * before and after, so, for example, you can input *regis* and you will get many more results.

The next release should be around 1 November 2019.

If you need to suggest a new concept and are not an AGROVOC Editor, please remember that can also be done via email.
If you need more information directly, contact us and we will do our best to help.

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