CIRAD policy brief: ImpresS evaluation method (IMPact of RESearch in the South)

CIRAD has developed the approach : ImpresS  - a participatory method to assess agricultural research impacts in developing countries, - to document the contribution of research to changes within society and the mechanisms at work along the impact pathway. 

This policy brief (PDF – 873.05 ko) presents the key lessons learned from the application of the ImpresS approach to a set of 13 ex post case studies. 


Agricultural research for development is increasingly being called upon to demonstrate its usefulness and its impacts, particularly among donors and policy makers. 

To go beyond the promise of impact during the submission of research projects - which is often reduced to a purely rhetorical exercise - , CIRAD aims to develop a "culture of impact" that permanently modifies its research practices in order to generate more consistent impacts on development.

In 2015, the ImpresS method was applied to 13 case studies covering clusters of projects over the long term, illustrating the diversity of research conducted by CIRAD and its partners in a variety of contexts and partnership set-ups in Southern countries.

These case studies span three continents and a broad range of technical and social innovations.

The ImpresS methodology and case studies are presented on the ImpresS website as well as on CIRAD’s website

Source: AgriNatura : The European Alliance on Agricultural knowledge for Development 


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