Explore science based information on food and health with EUFIC (The European Food Information Council)

EUFIC - The European Food Information Council, is a non-profit organisation, established in 1995, which stands up for science-based information on food and health. EUFIC mission is to offer accessible, appealing and actionable science based information on food and health to inspire and empower people to make better decisions about diet and lifestyle. 


EUFIC believes in a world where people choose to live healthily because they know how to.
To that end ...

EUFIC covers a wide range of topics on nutrition, lifestyle and health, food safety, food quality, legislation, and food risk communication.

EUFIC Team collaborates with a broad network of academics, national and international organisations, businesses and professionals in food and health. Moreover, EUFIC is active in European Commission funded research where EUFIC contributes as research and dissemination partner. Read more on how EUFIC collaborates to achieve more.

EUFIC information is based on research evidence supported by the wider scientific community. EUFIC works with permanent Scientific Advisory and Editorial Boards (that review EUFIC's information materials to ensure they are relevant, factually correct and represent the views of the broader scientific community), as well as with independent experts on specific projects, who advise on the scientific direction and ensure the accuracy and impartiality of EUFIC's work.

"Time to get educated" : EUFIC explains some scientific concepts :  ... 

EUFIC is expanding knowledge and collaboration ... 

"Researchers, in their quest to learn, may take different directions of exploration ... 

... the facts uncovered may be only part of a larger, partially understood phenomenon, which requires further research before we come to more complete answers".

These and other news you can access in EUFIC Food Today Archive, Tasty News, What's in Food, Food Safety (and other) information sections !

For more information contact EUFIC Team.

Last, but by no means least ...

This video will change the way you see food. ZeroHunger starts with you !
- Food Agricuture Organisation of the United Nations, FAO.


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