Join the Dgroups e-conference about online collaboration, dialogue and interaction in development

Driven in part by the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s worlds of development and social change have massively adopted digital, virtual and online tools, applications and platforms.

Capitalizing on these digital opportunities is not as easy as it seems and many development groups and organizations we still look for the best ways to engage, collaborate and act together, virtually.

From 13 - 31 July join the Dgroups Foundation online to explore, assess and learn what works – and what doesn’t – when collaborating and acting together online.

The Dgroups Foundation will talk about facilitation, trust, engagement, inclusion, platforms and how to bring these together in effective online events, processes and communities of practice.

Photo from the Dgroup Foundation

Drawing on the experiences and lessons across sectors, platforms and regions, we will use an ‘experience capitalization’ approach that draws out our individual and collective insights to produce actionable knowledge that will help us improve our own practices.

Conversations will be focused, facilitated and documented; you can choose to engage via low-bandwidth email or through the web interface.

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