RDA "Agricultural Data Interoperability Interest Group" calls for participation

Within  the  Research Data Alliance (RDA) an Interest Group (IG)on Agricultural Data Interoperability has been set up.  The charter says "The Agricultural Data Interest Group is a domain oriented interest group to work on all issues related to data important for the development of global agriculture. The interest group aims to represent all stakeholders producing, managing, aggregating, sharing and consuming data for agricultural research and innovation". 

This RDA IG is open to all people who are working with data in the domain.  Subscription to the IG at the RDA website will trigger information about what is happening in the IG and invitations to online meetings. A face 2 face meeting is planned in connection with the next RDA plenary September 16-18 in Washington.

The Agricultura Data IG established a first working group on Wheat Data Interoperability.  In connection with the Global Wheat Initiative this working group will prepare guidelines for publishing data regarding wheat research in a way to achieve easily interoperability.

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