SWALIM has been nominated for the WSIS Prize in 2016 - Vote for SWALIM

As circulated by SWALIM Information Management Unit. They request your vote for SWALIM project which has been nominated for the WSIS Prize in 2016.

The Somalia Water and Land Information Management Project (SWALIM) has been nominated for the WSIS Prize of 2016 . This is an award organized by the International Telecommunications Union for innovative uses of ICTs in development work. We feel SWALIM has been a leader in this and would like to count on your support.

For SWALIM to win the prize we need your vote! The WSIS Prizes will be awarded during the WSIS Forum in Geneva from 2 to 6 May, 2016.

In order to cast a vote for SWALIM you will need to register (possibly using your personal e-mail address) on the WSIS platform and vote for your project of choice under EACH of the 18 categories.

Don't forget to vote for SWALIM under Category 13: E-agriculture!

You will find more information on the voting process and how to participate through the WSIS site.

Voting Instructions

Or follow these simple instructions:

  1. Connect to the WSIS prize site: http://groups.itu.int/stocktaking/WSISPrizes/WSISPrizes2016.aspx#vote ;
  2. Click on the blue box that says Vote;
  3. It will ask you to please log in to select a project. You will need to register. Click where it says, “Click here to register if you don’t have an account”;
  4. Fill in the usual form in the “Create a New Account” screen, giving your name and a personal email address;
  5. Wait for the email confirmation message and follow the instructions to verify your email account;
  6. In the email you will be asked to press a link. This will take you to the WSIS site again and confirm your account;
  7. You should go back to the page where it asked you to log in. If you do not get there, go back to the main WSIS voting page (above link);
  8. Log in with the credentials you created;
  9. You will be presented with a screen showing 18 boxes, which are the voting categories. In order to vote for one project, you need to vote in EVERY category. a. You may start by giving your vote to SWALIM and then vote in all the other categories. Or vote in each category in order, as you prefer. b. As you vote, the projects and categories for which you have voted will be removed from the screen.
  10. The SWALIM project is in the 13th Category – “E-AGRICULTURE” - for which there are 12 nominations.
  11. Locate the SWALIM project in the list and click the box: Vote for this Project.

IMPORTANT: If you do not vote for one project in EACH and EVERY category, your vote for SWALIM will not be counted.

You can vote up till the 10th of March, 2016.


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