"Knowledge organization goes mobile" - ISKO UK

Generously hosted by the City University, this half-day meeting will focus on ways of organizing information to take advantage of mobile technology. Papers and posters explore the challenges of organizing and delivering information via mobile platforms including mobile phones and tablets to support mobile working. The meeting includes reports on technology solutions that enable users to locate and interact with information in a variety of information formats and media. There will also be posters disseminating the latest research by PhD students in the leading departments around the UK.

Speakers include:

  • Max Whitby of Touchpress, organizing information for us on iPads;
  • John Baker and Tom Crane of Digirati, on optimizing for a mobile environment at the Wellcome library;
  • Sharon Richardson of Joining Dots Ltd, who advocates "Bring your own... everything!";
  • Amir Naghsh, London School of Economics, who describes "Women’s walks", a project of the LSE Library  using smartphone technology.