Mock-up of the new AIMS homepage

Welcome to the AIMS consultative group!

New AIMS homepage

We would like to start with presenting to you a proposal for a new AIMS homepage, please see FAO-AIMS-Homepage.jpg below. This mock-up was prepared together with our colleagues from Macaroni Bros. who are also part of this group. They will read any comment coming from you carefully.

Our objective was:

  • to highlight what content is available on AIMS;
  • to emphasize that AIMS is also a community of practice of which any interested person can become part;
  • to communicate to both target users, the technical and less technical information managers.

The mock-up includes the following elements:

  1. Tagline (what AIMS is about) on the top of the page.
  2. The possibility to join the AIMS community right after the tagline: highlighted in orange plus short sentence on the left.
  3. A tag cloud with the names of the information resources present on AIMS.
  4. The Weekly spotlight.
  5. People that are part of the community. The faces will be showed randomly and in addition, if you are loged in, you will have access to the directory of members.
  6. A new section called "What is....?" which includes the definition of specific terms widely used in the AIMS context, possibly not known by all members.
  7. "Latest on AIMS" containing the latest content published on AIMS, like news, blog and forum posts.
  8. The footer changed completely. It now gives the possibility to send us e-mails without using the contact form currently in use on AIMS. It also contains all the links to social platforms including the new youtube channel for videos/demos, the link to the AIMS Newsletter and all the RSS feeds.
  9. On the bottom the site map is displayed. it offers the possibility to browse the pages by information resources and discussion groups.

Each section is a block on Drupal which can be easily removed or added.  Feel free to suggest us less, more or other sections.

New main menu

In addition, we also propose changes in the main menu on the left. As you will see we decided to focus more on themes than on products.

In the mock-up of the homepage the menu is not displayed (you only see the first level), but you can access it from AIMS-Menus.pdf.

In order to help you to understand what each entry means we have added hyperlinks to the pages currently in use. In the same document you will find as well the sitemap (in the second page) with the links. Note that the pages without a link still need to be created.

Please let us know what you think.
Sarah & Imma

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