AgriChatUk Twitter discussion on "Big Ag Data, the key to future farming challenges?"

I would like to invite you all along to this weeks AgrichatUK discussion looking at Big Ag Data and informatics. I am an advocate for openagdata and I thought it would be nice to do a discussion that ties in with it being 1 year on (nearly) from the G8 #openagdata conference. To give you an idea of the scope of the chat and hopefully wet the appetitete for discussion I have given a brief summary below.

Discussion points

The discussion starts at 8pm (UK summer time, GMT +1) and runs to 10pm. [April 10, 2014]

  • Understanding the terminology, "Big Data V's Little data",  What is informatics all about?
  • What data do we currently record in the journey from farm to table? Who uses it and are we using it to its full potential?
  • What new data can we utilise from technology advancements in farm machinery, environmental sensors,smartphones etc...?
  • How easy is it to share agricultural production data, is it all electronically readable, interchangeable, standardized?
  • Do farmers and the supply chain both see the benefits of sharing production data? Is there currently a pay back in cost of production/ business intelligence terms to the farmer?
  • How as an industry can we bring all this existing and new data together for the benefit of everyone.
  • The G8 #OpenAgData initiative, one year on from the G8 conference, how far have we come?  (bit of a specialist question so woukd be great to get AIMS members contributing on this one!)
​It would be great to get as many different stakeholders engaged in the chat as possible as it will make it really informative for all those farmers that may not totally appreciate what open ag data means for them. Being a bit of a data geek I am full of enthusiasm for it however I have worked with several farmers who really have no idea what it means for them an can even tend to perceive these things as meaning more red tape and paperwork (data burden) and they don't see or find it hard to see the beneficial impact on their farming business. I hope however that we can demonstrate the great contribution that farm data has to play both on their farm at a local level and to help feed the 9 billion by 2050.
Thanks for your attention and I hope you can join me!
John Batchelor @TeamWefarmit hosting for @AgriChatUK


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