E-LIS published as LOD

Here a proposal :-))))))

E-LIS team is planning to publish E-LIS data as LOD during this year. It is going to be difficult, since Library Linked Open Data is not so well defined in terms of data modeling, but at least we would like to start creating a working group and see what comes out of it. And we think it is a perfect occasion to test LODE-BD Recommendations as well :-)

I see this experience more like a testing and see what comes out of it, rather than a specific output that should be delivered in time. We are not in a hurry and want to learn as much as possible during the whole process. 

We would like to set up a mailing list (so people can also follow the discussions) and the working group asap. At the moment Diane Le Henaff (INRA), Marcia Zeng (Kent University), Christophe Dupriez (E-LIS), Fernanda Peset (CIEPI) and Stefano have aleady showed their interest. The working group is open to any in our FAO AIMS team! so please if any of you feel like they want to learn more about how to data model Library Data Sets and also likes to share knowledge and experience with a team close to the E-LIS framework, please join the WG :-)

Do you think  that this exercicise can provide experience and be of help once the AGRIS Team starts with the AGRIS data modelling? BTW, once we finish with the LLOD we want to continue with the Authors Authority File (IraLIS) :-), can this be also of help for AGRIS?

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