Recommendations to produce LOD enabled bibliographical data

I send you attached the graphics developed during Marcia Zeng's visit last week. They are 17 graphics that include elements related to the following groups:

 1.- Title information
2.- Responsible body
3.- Physical characteristics
4.- Location (hardcopy holding or file path)
5.- Subject
6.- Description of content
7.- Intellectual property
8.- Usage
9.- Relation between documents
10.- Relations between agents
11.- Meta-metadata

    As announced last Friday, after preparing these charts we are now in a consolidation phase and preparation of the draft report for VOA3R. This report shoudl include the following sections:

    1.)    Introduction
    2.)    Background
    3.)    Methodology

    • Specific set of data providers (from VOA3R)
    • Questionnaire and data dictionaries
    • Identification of chunks and properties
    • Vocabularies selected and used

    4.)    Framework for using and producing bibliographic linked open data in VOA3R

    • Content Model (relations)
    • Name authority
    • Controlled vocabulary
    • Syntax encoding rules

    5.)    Recommendations

    • Title information
    • Responsible body
    • Physical characteristics
    • Location (hardcopy holding or file path)
    • Subject
    • Description of content
    • Intellectual property
    • Usage
    • Relation between documents
    • Relation between agents
    • Meta-metadata

    6.)    References

    • Vocabularies
    • How to create authority control lists
    • How to create controlled vocabularies
    • How to publish linked data
    • Where to find linked data sets

    Deadline: 15th February 2011

    As soon as the report is drafted, we'd like to share with you and if possible to get your comments and feedback.


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