Skyping with Iryna Kuchma (eIFL)

Date: 6th April 2011

Attendants: Imma Subirats & Iryna Kuchma


1.) Collaboration in the Project on International Cooperation for Open Access initiatives
2.) Open Repository Handbook carried out by eIFL and the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) 
3.) who is who in the Institutional Repository Communication Platform
4.) Collaboration with EXIT


1.) EIFL has accepted the invitation to be part of the Project on International Cooperation for Open Access initiatives as Associate Partner. EIFL will also provide a couple of possible institutions to be included (from Africa and India) to the list of partners. Imma will proceed to inform Antonella and to go ahead with the rest of details necessary before the submission of the project at the end of April.

2.) Iryna Kuchma and the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) agreed with a collaboration with  OEKCS for the preparation of thOpen Repository Handbook. The handbook should be delivered by end of April. Imma agreed to send OEKCS publications and information that can be used for the toolkit before the 17th April. For more information on what the toolkit will include please see attachment.


  • the final deadline for the toolkit is too short, June
  • unclear who will maintain the toolkit once will be published

3.) KIT has already implemented the Institutional Repository Communication Platform with the objective to know people in the field that might contribute in capacity building activities. The information available for each expert is very short (e.g. it is not possible to search by country), therefore Iryna, based on the metadata set used by EXIT, will provide a list of fields to be added to the current directory to KIT.

4.) Despite the fact that KIT has already implemented the directory, Iryna and Imma agreed to go ahead with collaboration with CIEPI though EXIT adding additional field s and subjects required by EIFL for the description of the persons. 

Next meeting 10:00, 6 May 2011

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