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    AGRIS Advanced Search Possibilities (Part II)

    Searching an information database such as AGRIS requires also an awareness of some of the features of the service. In the first part of this series, “AGRIS Advanced Search Possibilities&rdquo...

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    AGRIS Advanced Search Possibilities (Part I)

    Access to literature is an integral part of science and scholarly endeavors. However, there is a gap between accesses to literature and retrieving the right articles needed for the task at hand.Due...

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    AGRIS : deploying Continuous Improvements

    Have you been on the AGRIS platform lately? If you have been you will notice a number of changes are happening!AGRIS Team is slowly making changes and renewal to the AGRIS platform and...

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    An update on the publication of data on AGRIS Mash-up

    Most of our data providers have noted that their data was not appearing on the AGRIS mashup pages during the period June 2016 to March 2017. Our data processing team received and acknowledged your...

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    Locating full-text articles in AGRIS

    This blog details how to retrieve full text articles using the AGRIS database. It also provides a tip on how users can locate full text if the AGRIS records does not provide access to the URL of...