Awards for libraries that improve economic wellbeing

EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) has launched its first innovation award call – for libraries offering services that use ICT to improve economic wellbeing of the community. The award is the first of four EIFL-PLIP Innovation Awards for public and community libraries in developing and transition countries.

EIFL-PLIP is accepting written applications in four languages – English, Russian, French and Spanish. To encourage greater participation, libraries also have the opportunity to tell their stories in their own language through video. However, the video must have subtitles in English.

The deadline is May 31, 2012

Winners will receive a prize of US$1,500, and the opportunity to showcase their winning service at an international conference or event.  In addition, EIFL-PLIP will publicize their services widely.

Examples of innovative services that improve economic wellbeing include using ICT to provide agricultural information and /or other services to improve farmers’ livelihoods, or support the work of agricultural offices and extension agencies; improve employment prospects and help jobseekers find work; build people’s entrepreneurship skills and support enterprise and small business development; improve financial literacy skills and any other service that improves livelihoods.

For full details of this award, click here: EnglishFrenchSpanishRussian.