New informative page on OpenAGRIS on AIMS

A new informative page on OpenAGRIS is now available on the AIMS website, please see:

OpenAGRIS: enriching AGRIS

The OpenAGRIS project started in 2011 with the objective of enriching the content of the AGRIS repository, a bibliographic data repository in the agricultural domain with more than 2.7 million XML records.

In OpenAGRIS the AGRIS dataset is connected to the following other information resources on the web:

AGROVOC is used as the backbone for interlinking content. The methodology applied is based on the Linked Data principles, a way to publish structured data and interlink with other existing datasets, in a machine readable way.

Current result and prospects

Currently OpenAGRIS is available in a beta version and acts as a web application to aggregate information from different web sources with more than 60 million triples. Work interlinking to other datasets, to expand the AGRIS repository, is ongoing.