[New publication] Analysis of e-agriculture survey

In late 2006, an online global survey to determine the scope and priorities for the WSIS Action line on e-Agriculture was conducted by an inter-agency Working Group. Most of the over 3400 respondents were unfamiliar with the term 'e-Agriculture; but nearly all respondents had suggestions on potential definition and benefits, as well as on priority areas for action. Perceptions of e-Agriculture focused on information and communication processes more than on technologies and tools. Subject areas mentioned included farming practices, market information, training, statistics, and science/research. Stakeholdergroups identified included producers, rural service providers, scientists, and policy makers. Benefits included both generally enhanced information exchange and communication processes and specifically agriculture-related benefits such as market access and food security. e-Agriculture was also seen to contribute to broader development goals. Future priorities included developing virtual communities and networks, capacity building in the use and application of ICT, and defining and advocating e-Agriculture initiatives.