DSpace is a digital repository management system conceived for the setting up and management of institutional repositories and for digital archiving needs. A particular focus has been put in the subject of electronic objects management, digital preservation and publishing. It is Open Source and freely available, It is possible to customize it and extend it. It is backend by a solid community of DSpace users and developers. 

  • First release: The first version of DSpace was released in November 2002.
  • Author: Dspace was jointly created by the MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard (HP).
  • Dspace Foundation: In 2007 HP and MIT jointly announced the formation of the DSpace Foundation, a non-profit organization that will provide leadership and support for the DSpace community.
  • DuraSpace: In 2009, Fedora Commons (or link to the description on the tools list) and the DSpace Foundation merged to create a new organization, DuraSpace. The objective is to bring together the ideas and expertise within both communities to come up with the most compelling issues to work on to best of both communities.
  • User mailing list: General discussion about the DSpace platform, and setting up and running a DSpace service. It is open to all DSpace users to ask questions, share news, and spark discussion about DSpace with people managing other DSpace sites.
  • Sign up for dspace-general (http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/dspace-general )
  • More info available at http://www.dspace.org/ and http://wiki.dspace.org

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