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AGROVOC is a controlled vocabulary covering all areas of interest of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, including food, nutrition, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, environment etc. It is published by FAO and edited by a community of experts.

AGROVOC consists of over 32,000 concepts available in up to 20 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, Turkish.

AGROVOC is used by researchers, librarians and information managers for indexing, retrieving and organizing data in agricultural information systems and web pages. Currently, AGROVOC is an SKOS-XL concept scheme, a Linked Open Data set aligned with 13 other multilingual knowledge organization systems related to agriculture. You may download AGROVOC, access its Web Services or SPARQL endpoint.

AGROVOC is edited through VocBench (VB), an open-source, web-based collaborative editing tool for multilingual thesauri and RDF-SKOS resources.

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New AGROVOC release is out!

AGROVOC has released a newly updated version. This version can be accessed via downloads, webservices, SPARQL endpoint and VocBench Sandbox. In due course, the updated AGROVOC will also be available for browsing here.

Highlights of this release:-

  • Revision of the whole Turkish version
  • Expanded language coverage for German. (10,000+terms, English,Spanish and Italian 1,000+ terms respectively)
  • Expanded AGROVOC LOD. (new alignment with EARTh thesaurus)
  • Improved quality of the RDF dataset
  • Refined agrontology vocabulary

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