AgriOcean DSpace is a DSpace Software customization that uses standards for metadata, thesauri and other controlled vocabularies for oceanography, marine science, food, agriculture, development, fisheries, forestry, natural resources and other related sciences. AgriOcean DSpace (AOD) is a joint initiative of the United Nations agencies of FAO and UNESCO-IOC/IODE to provide a customized version of DSpace 1.7.1 (JSPUI version), an open source, digital repository software. Its main objective is to make scientific literature in the field of oceanography, agriculture and related sciences available in digital form. AgriOcean DSpace is set-up for the digital repository communities of AGRIS (FAO) and Odin (UNESCO-IOC), but can be downloaded and used by any research institution interested. To explore the AOD functionalities, take a look at the demo installation:

login: agri@ocean

password: agri2012

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