Vocbench is a tool that helps information managers build and structure knowledge models. It is particularly well suited to manage multilingual vocabularies that require a distributed and collaborative environment.

Vocbench was initially created to support FAO’s multilingual agricultural vocabulary AGROVOC. Remodeled in Ontology Web Language (OWL), it was thought that AGROVOCwould greatly benefit from OWL’s rich and open structure. The model and Vocbench are now moving towards a simpler, more standard structure based on the popular SKOS data model.

Vocbench is not limited to a single vocabulary. It currently also holds a disambiguated list of journal titles and will soon also contain a separate multi-lingual biotech glossary.  Vocbench is freely accessible to everyone. In addition to its search and browsing capabilities it provides a suite of web services allowing for facilitated access by other applications to standard agricultural vocabulary terms.

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