VocBench Support Material

End users

The VocBench User Manual refers to the production version of VocBench v.2.3. Last update dates: November, 2015. 

The manual covers editorial operations typically performed by VocBench Editors, Validators and Publishers. It also covers functionalities for Administrators, but only limited to the management of projects (i.e. not including global system configuration/administration). Note though that a new version 2.4 is about to be released - we are working on an updated user manual.

Further information for users will be gathered around the main documentation page of the official VB site.

The team has also produced a set of screen casts hosted on the AIMS YouTube channel that show how to perform common actions:


Any information for developers (from simple install to building new extensions for VB) can be obtained on the Vocbench project site.

Citing VocBench: Scientific Publications

The publications page on the official VB site provides updated references for citing the most prominent publications about the system


Any information