VEST Registry (KOS)

Are you looking for tools, metadata standards and vocabularies to be used in the agricultural information management domain? In the Vocabularies, mEtadata Sets and Tools (VEST) Directory you will find resources that can be used within the context of agricultural information management.

The objective is to provide support to information workers to find existing metadata standards, vocabularies and information management tools that best suit their needs.

Be part of the VEST DIRECTORY

Do you have information and experience on any of the standards and vocabularies, good practices and software listed in the VEST Directory? Do you know of a resource not yet present? Share your knowledge with the AIMS community and take part to expand the VEST Directory.




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    ABCD stands for "Automatización de Bibliotecas y Centros de Documentación" (Spanish), which means...

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    BiblioCore replaces all the traditional functionality of the library's online catalog and...

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    Geodoc Metadata Editor

    The online Geodoc Metadata Editor tool allows users to create, validate, edit, export and import...

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    Moodle is a free and open-source learning management system to provide educators, administrators...