[email protected] : Text & Data Mining in PoolParty Semantic Suite


This webinar introduces PoolParty Semantic Suite, - the main software product of Semantic Web Company (SWC), - one of the leading providers of graph-based metadata, search, and analytic solutions.

PoolParty is ...

... a world-class semantic technology suite that offers sharply focused solutions to your knowledge organization and content business. PoolParty is the most complete semantic middleware on the global market. You can use it to enrich your information with valuable metadata to link your business and content assets automatically.

The webinar focuses on the text-mining and entity- / text extraction capability of PoolParty Semantic Suite that is used for:

  • support of the continuous modelling of industrial knowledge graphs (as a supervised learning system);
  • entity linking and data integration classification and semantic annotation mechanisms and thereby
  • downstream applications like semantic search, recommender systems or intelligent agents.

The webinar presents and explains these features in the PoolParty software environment, shows demos based on real world use cases and finally showcases 3rd party integrations (e.g. into Drupal CMS).