Help shape the future of Open Data in agriculture and nutrition with GODAN survey

The Institute of Development Studies is conducting an evaluation for the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition Programme (GODAN) and GODAN Action. The Institute of Development Studies is utilizing an innovative survey tool to gather short stories that capture the diverse experiences of those who have interacted with GODAN and to inform the design of future work on Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition.

It is encouraged that if readers have engaged with GODAN over the last few years  – as a network member, a participant of one of the GODAN courses or events, or by engaging with GODAN publications, tools and applications – to take a few minutes to detail experiences and success stories via the survey. The survey can be accessed at

As digital literacy has been identified as one of the key challenges in the Data for Development agenda developed by the European Commission, this innovative survey tool provides great opportunity for network members and any type of GODAN participants to provide feedback and experiences, which in turn, will help to shape the future work on Open Data for the agriculture community. 

The survey closes on 10 March 2020.

In order to support the objective to increase the accessibility and visibility of research products in its member countries, the FAO Scientific Information and Digital Data for Innovation team created a partnership with the GODAN Action Project beginning in 2017. Through the ongoing partnership, more than 10,000 participants from more than 150 countries have benefited from capacity development opportunities to improve access to, and knowledge of information and data vital for food and agriculture. Learn more here


Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) is a rapidly growing network of over 1000 global innovators and change makers across national governments, non-governmental organisations, and international and private sector organisations. A facilitator for pioneering ideas and cross-continental growth, GODAN aims to impact the lives of at least 12 million smallholders internationally by implementing innovations that help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 - ending global hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and sustainable agriculture by 2030. 



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