AGRIS highlights: Feedback from our data providers and users

AGRIS is a global public good and its vision is to be a responsive service to its user needs by facilitating contributions and feedback regarding the AGRIS core knowledgebase, AGRIS’s future and its continuous development. To achieve this AGRIS holds periodic surveys, consultations and partner meetings.

On the AGRIS portal, the general user can provide their feedback and questions. The AKstem service is a ready service available for data providers dotted all over the world, however, general users can use the feedback form found on the website.

In this blog, we take an analysis of the statistics of user feedback in order to see the nature and status of the user feedback.

AKstem AGRIS Service

The platform was launched in May 2015, and a few months thereafter a webinar was held to promote its use by the new and old data providers. The various functions and objective of this platform were explained here. Below we provide you with a table showing the statistics of access of the AKstem platform from May to February 2016.

Feedback from the AGRIS website

The online form accessed via feedback button on the AGRIS website is still available for the general users. In 2015, from January to December, about 542 requests were received (a monthly average of 45 requests) – these vary from general to specific requests.

The following genre of requests are common (1) prospective data providers asking about eligibility of being indexed by AGRIS (about 30 %); (2) users requesting a copy of the full text of the article (about 40%), and researchers asking if AGRIS could be of help to their studies.

We value your feedback, do not hesitate to send your feedback here

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