Announcement: CODA 1.1.2 released

Dear all

A new release of CODA is out there! CODA1.1.2 jar bundles are available on Maven and a running demo can be downloaded by following instructions at:


For those new to CODA

CODA (Computer-aided Ontology Development Architecture) is an architecture and an associated Java framework for the RDF triplification of UIMA results from analysis of unstructured content.

The purpose of CODA is to support the entire process embracing data extraction and transformation, identity resolution up to feeding semantic repositories with knowledge extracted from unstructured content. The motivation behind CODA lies in the large effort and design issues required for developing RDF compliant knowledge acquisition systems on top of well-established content analytics frameworks such as UIMA and GATE. Therefore, CODA extends UIMA with facilities and a powerful language - PEARL - for projection and transformation of UIMA annotated content into RDF.

CODA is oriented towards a wide range of beneficiaries, from semantic applications developers to final users (e.g. content managers) that can easily plug CODA components into compliant desktop tools.

Learn more about CODA by reading its documentation. A list of publications [1] related to coda is also available there


From version 0.12 of Semantic Turkey, CODA is being bunlded with the application to provide support for various knowledge acquisition tasks. CODA will be also bundled in the next version 2.4 of VocBench, providing support for realizing custom forms, used to fill properties requiring complex constructs instead of simple RDF values. Finally, CODA is also the application powering Sheet2RDF, the platform for acquisition and transformation of datasheets into RDF.

Change Log

Here’s the changeLog from the recent version 1.1 and its two following bugfixes

version 1.1.2
date: 05/05/2015

  • fixed OWLART-snapshot dependency preventing CODA standalone from working

version 1.1.1
date: 05/05/2015

  • added more converters to the range of default converters embedded in CODA
  • fixed a bug in the bindings section, exploding combinations of binding

version 1.1
date: 26/03/2015

  • introduced CODA API for getting data structures in-the-middle of a CODA process (useful when embedding CODA in other applications)
  • introduced regexps over UIMA annotations in RDF Nodes production in PEARL
  • minor bugfixes

For developers willing to recompile the project, consider that there are a few dependencies on other projects managed by us:

They are also on Maven so these will be automatically installed if building a stable version of CODA. All of the above reported versions have been tagged on their respective GIT repositories.


The CODA team

[1] CODA Reference publication is: 

M. Fiorelli, M.T. Pazienza, A. Stellato and A. Turbati.CODA: Computer-aided ontology development architecture, IBM Journal of Research and Development. 58, 2, 1-12, March, 2014

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