A glance on AGRIMetaMaker tool requests

AGRIMetaMaker is a web form or tool, based on the Drupal Content Management System, to generate metadata as easily as possible. AGRIMetaMaker (AMM) allows the AGRIS data provider community to generate high quality metadata using AGROVOC Web Services in a few simple steps.

Some brief statistics on recent requests

Country Institution
Albania Albanian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Brazil Governo do Estado São Paulo, Secretaria de Agricultura e Abastecimento
Brazil Comunicata Scientiae/Federal University of Piauí
Bulgaria Institute of Agricultural Economics
Cuba Instituto de Investigaciones de Sanidad Vegetal
Georgia Georgian Research Institute for Scientific Technical Information
Indonesia Indonesian Center for Agricultural Library and Technology Dissemination 
Japan International Society of Environmental and Rural Development
Russia Publishing House Science and Innovation Center
Russia Russian Academy of Sciences
Russia Saint Petersburg Forestry Research Institute
Russia Sergey Gorin Publishing
Russia Volga State University of Technology
Spain Actas Iberoamericanas de Conservación Animal
Switzerland Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon Research Station
Ukraine Ukrainian Institute of Scientific-Technical and Economic Information 
United States Horizon Research Publishing, HRPUB