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2nd Ed. Access to Scientific Information Resources in Agriculture (ASIRA) Online Course for low-income countries will start on April 10th. 2nd Ed. of the course accommodates 95 participants from 18 different countries. Webinars are valuable component of the course like it was in the previous edition of ASIRA. The webinar is open to the public as well as its primary audience, the course participants. Do not forget to register !


First webinar in this webinar series is devoted to open data journals under the theme: 'Publishing Open Data in Agricultural Research'.

Here are the details for the webinar and please do not forget to register !

Date & Time:

12 April, 2017

at 14:00 CET. Click here to see it in your local time zone.  

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Dr. Sander Janssen, Alterra, Wageningen UR

About the webinar:

Publishing of open data from research is a recent trend, and becoming more and more of requirement. This talk will focus on the political context of open data publishing, methodological frameworks for estimating the impacts of open data and highlight the Open Data Journal for Agricultural Research as publication channel for open data sets. It will also build on personal reflections on publishing open data from Dr. Janssen’s own research career.

About the presenter:


Dr. Janssen is leading a research team Earth Observation and Environmental Informatics at Alterra, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands. He dedicates his scientific career to cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration required for achieving impacts in food security, climate change, agriculture and environment. He has a drive for increasing the impact of research and studying evidence based decision making towards sustainable development. He has a keen interest in knowledge systems, especially increasing the use of data for decision making, studying aspects of open data, big data, data management and data science. He is launching an open data journal for the agricultural community, the Open Data for Agricultural Research, and is assisting the Government of the Netherlands in its policy developments related to data intensive agriculture for food security.


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