The Open Access Button is developing a brand new tool to include Open Data

The Open Access Button team has been working on an incubator grant from the Centre for Open Science (COS) to develop Open Data Button beta, a tool to help people find the data behind papers and demand the release of new data. You could be among the first testers of the Open Data Button and help to advance openness, integrity, and reproducibility of data in science!

The Open Access Button was developed in 2013 and run by volunteer students and young researchers around the world tired of not being able to get access to research what they need. The Open Access Button team builds apps, tells stories and supports campaigns which will help make information about papers available.

The Open Access Button is supported by Right to Research CoalitionMedsin-UK and many others

The key functions of the Open Access Button are finding free research, making more research available and also advocacy.

You can get your Open Access Button after you have been freely registered here.

Now the Open Access Button team is going to use an incubator grant from the COS to build a brand new tool to include Open Data in Open Access Button’s activities. This means that in the very near future, an Open Data Button will be released and it will be possible to request that data associated with a publication is made accessible. The Open Data Button will be part of  the Open Science Framework to support effectively data deposits.

All incubator grants from COS support development of new open tools and services with a mission to increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research. These grants may result in proofs-of-concept or beta-releases that can demonstrate potential to other funders for continued development and support.

If you would like to be amongst the first to test the new Open Data Button tool as part of a testing activities, write to  [email protected]

Source: The Open Access Button moves into Open Data
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