Open Access Publishing Solutions for Librarians (Recorded Webinar)

Presenter : Nicolo Pierini, Open Access Sales Executive at Taylor & Francis Group

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The ever-evolving landscape of open access publishing and its complexity is something which affects all of us working in the academic sector. Focusing on the insights of the publisher, this webinar examines the current state of play in Europe, exploring the administrative solutions available for librarians to negotiate developing mandates and new legislation.

In this concise broadcast, Nicolo Pierinin will be covering:

·         The current open access publishing landscape across Europe

·         The impact of mandates and what these mean for librarians and institutions

·         Success stories from around the region

The webinar will also feature a demonstration of the Research Dashboard, - an essential new tool for librarians to track research and monitor open access investment, which forms part of the range of open access publishing solutions offered by Taylor & Francis Group.


"It requires that we don’t just look at the open access issue in isolation. It is part of a more general transition towards open science on which our colleagues at DG RTD (the EU’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation) are doing impressive work. Take for instance the ranking (of) universities. This should not just be based on the sole metrics of publications in high impact journals. Universities can also be ranked with regard to their contribution to the local economy, or to the economy in general, with regard to cooperation agreements they have with industry, outreach they do towards citizens. So we should get away from this obsession that there is only one metric according to which we should rank universities", -

Open access to scientific publications must become a reality by 2020Robert-Jan Smits, March 23, 2018 by Joanna Roberts, HORIZONS




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