Open Education Week (March 4-8, 2019). Submit Your Entry & Celebrate the global Open Education Movement!

In 2018, over 2,500 participants from 98 countries contributed to Open Education Week... We are now very excited that Open Education Week 2019 is LESS that one MONTH from TODAY!

The #OEWeek (4 - 8 March) 2019 is coordinated by the Open Education Consortium, an association of organizations from around the world that are committed to making education more open, free, and available to everyone. During this week, universities, colleges, schools and other educational organizations showcase what they’re doing to advance open education, - @OEWeek

Submit Your entry today (deadline February 25th, 2019) and bring even more life to the upcoming exciting global Open Education Week events!


Open Education (OE) encompasses resources, tools and practices that employ a framework of open sharing to improve educational access and effectiveness worldwide.

OE combines the traditions of knowledge sharing and creation with 21st century technology to create a vast pool of openly shared educational resources, while harnessing today’s collaborative spirit to develop educational approaches that are more responsive to learner’s needs.


By providing free & open access to education and knowledge, OE helps create a world to support learning. All interested parties can get additional information, viewpoints and materials to help them succeed, share data and develop new networks, find new ways to (help) learn. 

OE resources can be translated, mixed together, broken apart and openly shared again, increasing access and inviting fresh approaches.


There are many ways you can contribute to the Open Education Week.  

Consider hosting one or more the following events and have it/them featured by 

Submitting Your entry today (deadline February 25th, 2019):
  • Workshop;
  • Mini-conference/forum on open education;
  • Webinars;
  • Online discussions.

Submit resources - with at least permission to re-use and modify (such as CC-BY or CC-BY-SA) - in any language and format.  

Informational resources can be documents, repositories, research materials, newsletters, slide presentations, links or blogs! 

Email at [email protected] to get your contribution promoted in the fastest way!

Videos - featuring open education projects, presenting short messages about open education and open practices, or providing how-to tutorials on aspects of open education - are also welcomed! Please upload your video to your preferred platform, such as Vimeo or YouTube and send the URL using the OEW Submission Form no later than February 25th, 2019.

You are welcome to submit multiple resources or events; please fill out one form for each contribution:  Submit Your entry today! 

For more details on WHY/WHAT/HOW to PROMOTE BETTER YOUR EVENT, please check


CALL FOR PROPOSALS (Proposal submissions due: 1 May 2019): OPEN EDUCATION GLOBAL 2019 CONFERENCE entitled OPEN EDUCATION FOR AN OPEN FUTURE (Resources, Practices, Communities), Milano, Italy, 26 – 28, November 2019

Research4Life free TRAINING Materials : Be an advocate for the quality research in agriculture, health, environment, law, development and innovation!

AIMS.FAO.ORG free e-course on Fundamentals of Information Literacy and Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture : AGORA

AIMS.FAO.ORG free-e-course on Open Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition 

Discover AGRIS : the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology providing free access to bibliographic information on agricultural science and technology

‘Experience Capitalization for Continuous Learning’ free FAO E-LEARNING COURSE (in English, French, Russian)

You are invited to Sign up for AIMS News, follow @AIMS_Community on Twitter... And, thanks again for your interest! 

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