Trainer's Manual: Facilitating CAPACITY Needs Assessment

The training manual "Facilitating Capacity Needs Assessment" was published in 2017 under the EU-funded project Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS), a global partnership (Agrinaturathe Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and 8 pilot countries). 

>>> The Trainer's Manual: "Facilitating Capacity Needs Assessment" can be downloaded for free from TAPipedia (developed under CDAIS). 

>>>  Trainer’s Manual preview (from CDAIS)

The Trainer's Manual: "Facilitating Capacity Needs Assessment" is intended :

* For the training of National Innovation Facilitators (NIFs);

* To strengthen the NIFs’ facilitation skills and their ability to carry out Capacity Needs Assessments (CNAs) in agricultural innovation niche partnerships;

* To be delivered by the Agrinatura Focal Persons (AFPs) and the Country Project Managers (CPMs) in each country, with the help of various other support personnel from Agrinatura and FAO

These trainers have themselves gone through a Training of Trainers process to familiarise them with the training manual, the interactive and participatory approach required and the use of the various facilitation tools that are contained within it.​

The manual has the following elements:


Session Plans (SPs) ...

... that provide a framework and key content for the sessions, in addition to signposts to the various resource materials required.

Each session plan contains 3 main sections for each topic:

  • introduction;
  • development of the concept/approach; and
  • wrap-up/conclusion/summary.

An indication of duration is given for each session.

The actual duration will depend on the facilitation required and capacities of the trainees.


Exercise Sheets (ESs)...

... that provide step by step guidance on specific participatory activities and facilitation tools.


Powerpoint presentations (PPTs)...

... that contain information for plenary presentation to NIFs during the training.


Resource materials...

... including forms and templates for use during the training, background information, or more detail on elements in the manual.

CDAIS : Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems 

CDAIS brings together key partners and actors to address commonly identified challenges and opportunities in specific regions or within particular value chains. Together they develop and implement national capacity development plans to strengthen agricultural innovation

To provide support to national agricultural innovation systems (AIS) in eight countries in Africa (Angola, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Rwanda), in Asia (Bangladesh and Laos), and Central America (Guatemala and Honduras), CDAIS uses a continuous learning cycle. 

AIS are represented by all the individuals, organizations and enterprises that bring new products, processes and forms of organization into use, - to achieve food security, economic development and sustainable natural resource management.


TAPipedia :

Exchanging knowledge and supporting capacity development for agricultural innovation systems

TAPipedia  - an information sharing system designed to enhance knowledge exchange in support of Capacity Development (CD) for AIS:

  • has been developed under the CDAIS and jointly implemented by Agrinatura-EEIG and the FAO with the financial assistance of the European Union;
  • aims to be a global information system for good CD practices, innovation outputs, success stories and lesson learned.

In particular, TAPipedia assists Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) members to present, explain and promote the Common Framework on CD for AIS, so that it may be more easily tested, improved, adopted and implemented by stakeholders.

>>> Try TAPipedia Discovery Space on Capacity Developemnt for AIS

>>> Watch recorded webinar on :  Sharing Knowledge on Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) through TAPipedia




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