AIMS术语词表,选择在本网站中以及在信息管理领域使用的技术术语。 AIMS术语词表的目标是收集所有在农业信息管理语境中使用的“技术”概念,并为其提供准确定义,然后将术语关联到网络上可以免费获取的一组资源上,以期提供更多信息。


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    Bitbucket is a free source code hosting site. (Source: Welcome to the Open Glossary)

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    GitHub is a web-based service that provides a source code repository that works exclusively with the Git command-line tool. (Source: Welcome to the Open Glossary)

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    Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

    Digital Object Identifier (DOI) - a unique text string that is used to identify digital objects such as journal articles or open source software releases. (Source: Welcome to the Open...

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    Content mining

    Content mining - l arge-scale e xtraction of information from content (e.g., photographs, videos, audio, metadata), usually involving thousands of items. (Source: Welcome to the Open...

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    Extensible Markup Language (XML)

    A language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is readable by both machines and humans. (Source: Welcome to the Open Glossary)