New mock-up for the AIMS homepage

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Based on all your comments we have prepared a new mock-up.Some notes:

  • the banner (trying not to use the term tagcloud anymore :-) with the AIMS topics will be linkable. It is an image, so the size of each resource can be changed;
  • the number of content types under latest on AIMS has been slightly reduced;
  • a new block for announcements has been included (the example in the attachment is the New AIMS homepage);
  • the filmstrip of people under the AIMS community block will be displayed randomly, changing every 5/10 seconds.

We hope that all your comments have been included in the new mockup in a way or another, so we got something much closer to your expectations!

Just a another short note with regard the menu on the left and the 'quick navigation links' on the footer:

  • the menu on the left has slightly changed (especially the terms used for the first level). It is fully displayed only for showing you both levels, in the real website only the first level would be visible once you get to the website.

I would be very much in favor of concentrating in the homepage mock up only, and to leave the menu and footer as a second step once we have agreed on the mock up.

Once again, thanks a lot for your feedback!

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