Demonstrating the potential of multilingual Web Portals for Sustainable Agricultural & Environmental Education

Organic.Lingua project has the objective to enhance the existing Organic.Edunet Portal based on educational content on Organic Agriculture (OA) and Agroecology (AE) by introducing automated multi-lingual services that further support the uptake of the portal from its targeted audiences. 

The Organic.Edunet portal currently supports sixteen languages, but the current process makes translation error prone and time consuming, and misses opportunities to enhance the quality and efficiency of cross-language functions with available technology.

The existing solution relies completely on human effort in translating and does not use existing linguistic resources and tools to help make resources and descriptions available in different languages or to enable cross-lingual search. In addition, resource retrieval is restricted as a consequence of the fragmentation of resource descriptions in several languages.

Organic.Lingua aims to capitalise on international demand for Organic.Edunet by transforming it into a truly multilingual service.

Know more about the project at Organic.Lingua website.

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