Are you an AIMS member? Then have your profile included in AgriVIVO

As announced yesterday, the AgriVIVO 1.0 portal has been launched, take a look at the post by Valeria Pesce.


The data currently collected in AgriVIVO are about people, organizations and events, linked with geographic locations and areas of expertise. AIMS is one of the participating communities and data providers (for a list of all the data providers currently contributing to AgriVIVO visit The type of data that AIMS offers to provide is 'people', with other words 'profiles'.

This means that if you have a profile in AIMS, you now have the possibility to include it in AgriVIVO.

How can AIMS members participate in AgriVIVO?

It is very simple for AIMS members to become a part of AgriVIVO (one tick), just follow the following steps:

  1. Log-in on the AIMS website
  2. Go to 'My page'
  3. Open 'Edit my profile'
  4. Scroll down the page until the Field 'AgriVIVO' and tick the box 'Permission to include this profile in AgriVIVO'. Now your AIMS profile will also be accessible from AgriVIVO.*

*Note that profiles are imported into AgriVIVO at monthly intervals, so you will only see your profile there after the next import.

Thus in short, profiles are not created or managed directly in AgriVIVO, but are imported from the participating communities, one of which is AIMS.

Take a look at the AIMS members' profiles already harvested going to Search > People, and then filtering by Source: AIMS.

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